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Dreaming Out Loud's Farms
Contact: Dreaming Out Loud, Inc.
Address: 301 49th Street NE Washington, DC, 20019
About Us
In 2018, Dreaming Out Loud launched the two-acre Kelly Miller Farm and Food Hub on the campus of the Kelly Miller Middle School in Ward 7 of the city. The Farm and Food Hub serves as a source of fresh food for our programs. Teaching youth to grow and cook food in a way that celebrates their cultural traditions, inspiring healthy lifestyles and promoting creativity and civic engagement in the classroom and community. This is made possible by the cultivation of a variety of fresh, culturally significant produce on our farm, as well as the gathering of healthy food from a diverse group of regional farmers and producers. This abundance allows Dreaming Out Loud to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to students at Kelly Miller Middle School through the school cafeteria and collaborate with school instructors to create a culinary curriculum which supports and enhances the school’s core subject curriculum.