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Blossom Bakery
Address: 703 Edgewood Street NE Washington, DC, ,
About Us
Blossom Bakery sells fresh-made baked goods and comfort food using high quality ingredients locally sourced when possible. They make their food in small batches with patience and care. The results are soft cookies and flavorful food. Blossom’s team consists of those historically underemployed, including returning individuals, trained in a supportive, growth-driven environment. They take the time to teach kitchen and soft customer service skills such as interpersonal communications and active listening. Employment can be a source of pride driving one’s growth and resiliency in an unkind and racist world. They are currently cooking out of Mess Hall Kitchen in NE in Ward 5. From there, they prepare their food for sale at local corner stores and community markets. They are actively preparing a food truck to enable themselves to better operate in Wards 7 and 8.

Woman Owned Business