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Tallawah Farms
City: Princess Anne, MD, 21853
About Us
Tallawah is a family-operated farm that specializes in locally grown ethnic/specialty crops, providing migrants with freshly grown produce that they could only get from home. The farm is located on 1 1/2-acre property in the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland.
The name “Tallawah” (t-ALLAH-wah) is derived from Jamaica. It is a term used to classify someone or something as strong, fearless, and not to be underestimated. This name perfectly describes the spirit, strength and pride that is carried out at Tallawah Farms. They are small but never to be underestimated. On its small acreage, Tallawah produces over 800 pounds of callaloo, 600 pounds of Scotch bonnet peppers, 500 pounds of habanero weekly, and a whole lot more.
Today, they also grow callaloo, African garden egg, Jamaican sorrel, Jamaican pumpkin, bell peppers, cucumbers, and okra in addition to collard greens and kale sustainably. Our belief is that anything used in excess can be detrimental, therefore, they take pride in soil building to maintain soil health: “healthy soils, healthy crops.”

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