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G. Flores Produce
Address: 2515 Ebenezer Church Rd Hague, VA, 22469
About Us
Located in Virginia's Northern Neck region, G. Flores Produce is a family farm on over 40 acres of land. Second-generation farmer, Omar and the Flores Family are committed to growing a large variety of produce following sustainable growing practices.
Harvests from G. Flores Produce rotate through the seasons and their offerings change almost weekly, illustrating how extremely productive of a farm they are. Cultivating everything from kale, greens, and lettuce varieties to alliums (the onion family), snap peas, tomatoes, peppers, squashes, melons, root vegetables, herbs, berries with low spray techniques and crop rotation for healthy soil. Unique specialty crops such as squash blossoms and sorrel are grown on the farm.

BIPOC Owned Business